125 ml capacity 125 ml capacity
Specially designed for the male anatomy Award-winning innovation

Mild to moderate urinary leakage affects
around 100-150 million men Worldwide 3

Enjoying outdoor activities no matter the urinary incontinence problems

What is urinary leakage?

Urinary leakage or urinary incontinence is the unintentional passing of urine. It comes from a loss of bladder control. The prevalence increases with age but may happen to men (and women) at all ages. It’s a widespread issue affecting around 100-150 million men worldwide – on different scales and for different reasons.

Living with urinary leakage can cause distress in daily life and may put constraints on the way you live your life, the places you go and how social you choose to be. We can understand if you would want security and discretion around this private issue. And that’s what we set out to provide with Contend™ – the new protective cover that allows you to live the life you want.

What is mild to moderate urinary leakage?

Contend™ is specially developed for mild to moderate incontinence. If you experience mild to moderate incontinence, you drip approximately 0-75ml/3 hrs. The amount and frequency may vary, but to put it into perspective, it can range from a tablespoon a day to about a full glass.

Pads are a commonly used solution to aid mild to moderate incontinence. Contend™ provides an alternative and can absorb up to 125 ml.



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Is Contendâ„¢ right for me?

Contend™ is designed for mild to moderate urinary leakage. Contend™ can absorb up to 125 ml of urine, which is the equivalent to half a cup. If you experience dripping or smaller leakages daily and are currently using pads, Contend™ could be a new product for you to try. Contend™ can be used every day or on special occasions where you want to feel extra secure. It’s entirely up to you.

Contendâ„¢ is the new and revolutionary innovation for urinary leakage