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Stress incontinence

Do you experience dripping when exercising, doing sports or when you cough, sneeze or laugh? Or dripping connected to heavy lifting and exertion?

These are typical symptoms of stress incontinence.

You’ll probably understand your symptoms better if you learn how your bladder works and how the different organs and muscle groups work together. In short, stress incontinence happens when your urethral sphincter is too weak to stay closed. Your urethral sphincter is a muscle that prevents urine from accidentally escaping your bladder. If it doesn’t stay closed, urine can leak from the bladder. Sudden exertions such as sneezing, jumping or laughing add pressure to the bladder and if your sphincter muscle is too weak to keep closed, you’ll experience leakages. Typically, men experience stress incontinence due sphincter or nerve trauma related to prostatic surgery. 

Stress incontinence can be bothersome and unpredictable, but by wearing protective products such as Contend during the day, you can feel comfortable and protected without worrying about potential leakages. Remember that it’s important to consult your doctor if you are experiencing symptoms of stress incontinence to get properly diagnosed. 

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Is Contendâ„¢ right for me?

Contend™ is designed for mild to moderate urinary leakage. Contend™ can absorb up to 125 ml of urine, which is the equivalent to half a cup. If you experience dripping or smaller leakages daily and are currently using pads, Contend™ could be a new product for you to try. Contend™ can be used every day or on special occasions where you want to feel extra secure. It’s entirely up to you.