125 ml capacity 125 ml capacity
Specially designed for the male anatomy Award-winning innovation

Introducing Contend™, a revolutionary solution
balancing security, discretion and comfort.

It’s not a pad

It’s the new protective cover designed for men with urinary leakage

Introducing Contend™

Designed from scratch to fit the male anatomy. We set out to reinvent the category and dedicated four years to developing every little detail of this revolutionary technology.

Flexible collar video

The flexible collar ensures a comfortable fit around the penis

Hygienic and

Contend™ only covers the penis,
minimising the skin area exposed to urine


Allows you to urinate standing up without
removing the protective cover from your penis.

Adhesive strip resealable up to 10 times.

Stays in place during wear.

Minimises sound and bulkiness.

Maximises discretion.

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Don't let the urinary incontinence hold you back.

How to use Contend™

1. Expand the Flex Collar
2. Seal the Flex Collar around the base of your penis
3. Remove the release liner
4. Close the cover’s front opening securely
5. Urinate while standing, without removing Contend™

We have spent 4 years
discovering the different aspects of discretion

From first sketch to final product

We set out to reinvent the category of incontinence products. Starting from scratch and dedicating four years to developing a revolutionary solution for urinary leakage, this is the result: a protective cover specially designed to fit the male anatomy. All so that you can manage your urinary leakage with confidence. 

Recommended by men

Contend™ has already received a warm welcome from men with urinary leakage. Of those who tried it, 71%2 would continue to use Contend™ after their first try and 72%3 would recommend Contend™ to others.

A product like no other

Contend is proud to have won not just one but two Red Dot design awards – one in the ‘Healthcare’ category and one in the ‘Innovative product’ category. The Red Dot Design Award is one of the world’s largest design competitions and the Red Dot Label has become established internationally as one of the most sought-after marks of quality for good design.

Contend™ is the new and revolutionary innovation for urinary leakage