125 ml capacity 125 ml capacity
Specially designed for the male anatomy Award-winning innovation

It’s not a pad. It’s the new protective cover specially designed for the male anatomy with a capacity of
125ml. A revolutionary solution balancing security, discretion and comfort.

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83%* of men find that Contend™
gives them a feeling of
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What is Contend™?

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Is Contend™ right for me?

Do you experience urinary leakage every day during the day and maybe also during the night?
Do you experience mild to moderate meaning occasional dripping amounting to about two tablespoons of urine leakage (30ml) and up to about half a glass of urine leakage (up to 75 ml) within a 3-hour period?
Do you currently use toilet paper or pads to manage your urinary leakage?
Do you use up to 4 pads per day or change toilet paper in your underwear 4 or more times per day?
Are you bodily mobile and able to manage your daily life activities yourself?
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Contend™ is the new and revolutionary innovation for urinary leakage