125 ml capacity 125 ml capacity
Specially designed for the male anatomy Award-winning innovation

Contend™ FAQ

Here are the most frequently asked questions about Contend™.
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About Contend™ 

Who can use Contend™?
What is the protective cover’s liquid capacity?
What size should I choose?
What is a protective cover?
What’s meant by ‘double security’ against leakage?
Can I use Contend™ while doing sports?
How long can I wear Contend™ for?
Can I wear Contend™ while sleeping?
How do I know if Contend™ is right for me?
How many protective covers are in a pack?
Is Contend™ skin friendly?
Do I need to remove Contend™ when I need to urinate normally? 
Can I reuse a protective cover?
Will people notice I’m wearing Contend™?
Can I wear my normal clothes while using Contend™?
Is the packaging recyclable?
How do I dispose of the protective cover after use?

About urinary leakage

What is urinary leakage?
Who can experience urinary leakage?

Purchase & delivery

Can I buy Contend™ from a physical store?

Contend™ is the new and revolutionary innovation for urinary leakage