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First symptoms of incontinence and urine dripping –what to do?

Are you experiencing light dripping during the day or at nighttime, or leakages related to specific activities or exercise? Or do you generally feel unable to control your bladder and your need to pee?

If you've just discovered the first symptoms of incontinence, you might feel insecure about how to tackle it. You may also feel uncomfortable talking about it or discussing it with family or friends, but incontinence is a common issue amongst men, and you should address it, so you can receive the right treatment and feel comfortable in your daily life.

Here are a few steps to follow once you've discovered the first symptoms:
  • Talk to your doctor: First and foremost, it's important that you let your doctor know about your symptoms in order to get the right diagnosis. Your doctor can inform you about methods and/or medication that can help manage incontinence.
  • Note down your symptoms: How often does it happen, when does it happen, is it related to any sort of activity and how big are the leakages? This can help you get an overview, which will also be useful for your doctor.
  • Get familiar with products that can be helpful: If your incontinence can be defined as mild to moderate, you can try incontinence products for men such as protective underwear, pads, or Contend®, which is a protective cover, specially designed for men. These remedies absorb residual urine, so you don't have to worry about dripping. It's important that you feel comfortable and safe, and incontinence shouldn't hold you back from participating in social events, being physically active, or attending to your daily routines.
  • Get a routine in place: Incontinence may require extra attention to hygiene to avoid rashes and itchy skin. Use a linen washcloth to clean yourself and allow your skin to air-dry after showering and washing. You may also want to purchase a protective skin cream, which helps against bacteria and moisture from the urine. A product such as Contend also prevents skin contact with urine and thus, protects your skin from bacteria.
It's important to add that there are several simple measures you can take yourself to manage incontinence. Consult a doctor for suggestions, that would work for you and your specific situation. In some cases, pelvis exercises can help strengthen your pelvic floor and muscles to regain control of your bladder. There are also different lifestyle-related tips that may relieve symptoms

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Is Contend™ right for me?

Contend™ is designed for mild to moderate urinary leakage. Contend™ can absorb up to 125 ml of urine, which is the equivalent to half a cup. If you experience dripping or smaller leakages daily and are currently using pads, Contend™ could be a new product for you to try. Contend™ can be used every day or on special occasions where you want to feel extra secure. It’s entirely up to you.