Mild to moderate incontinence: Is Contendâ„¢ right for you?

Have you ever limited your fluid intake to pee less?
Or avoided social situations because you were afraid of leaking?

If you recognize the above, you may be able to relate to the men in our user stories. They all suffer from incontinence in the spectrum of mild to moderate, but deal with it in different ways.

If you know the struggle and pain points presented in these user stories, and you experience mild to moderate incontinence, Contend™ may be for you. At the bottom of this page, you’ll find 5 questions that you can ask yourself to determine whether Contend™ would be suitable for your needs.

Mild to moderate incontinence

Mark, 57

Mark has been experiencing incontinence for a few months. He dribbles after going to the toilet but also throughout the day, regardless of activity level. Often, he needs to pee urgently but doesn’t make it to the toilet in time, which results in smaller leakages.

Mark doesn’t have a set routine around his incontinence. Rather, he tries to limit his fluid intake to avoid the urgent need to pee, and he also goes to the bathroom frequently to empty his bladder as a preventative measure. He doesn’t wear products daily but attempts to manage his dripping by using toilet paper in his briefs. Lately, Mark’s incontinence has worsened, and he is acknowledging that he needs something more absorbant and safe than toilet paper. He struggles with the appearance of pads and feels that they are noisy and bulky. Contend™ is discreet and non-bulky and a fit for incontinence on the mild to moderate end of the scale. By replacing toilet paper with Contend protective covers, he will also benefit from it being a skin friendly option that stays in place during wear.

Phil, 49

Phil’s incontinence is very fluctuating. In some periods he only has a few leaks and urges, but at other times, he has bigger leakages daily. Because he suffers from urge incontinence, he only has a few seconds to respond to the urge to pee, which means he can’t make it to the toilet in time. Occasionally, he also leaks when he’s going up stairs.
Phil mostly uses diapers, and he changes 1-2 times a day depending on his leakage. He carries a discreet plastic bag with extra products and waste bags too, so he can take the used products with him and dispose of them at home. Phil mostly struggles with the emotional aspect of incontinence. Phil hasn’t told any family, friends or colleagues about his incontinence, so discretion is very important to him – especially at work. He also hasn’t spoken to a health care professional, as he feels he is doing enough to manage it on his own and essentially, just wants it to go away. Discretion is very important to Phil and Contend™ would be able to offer him just that. As Contend™ is better suited for smaller leakages and not full voids, he would have to be aware to change more frequently, but he wouldn’t have to compromise on discretion, bulkiness, or smell. Contend™ is easy to dispose, so Phil would be able to change at work and dispose of the product immediately, rather than carry it home with him for disposal. More importantly, Phil should talk to his doctor to get the best guidance on how to manage his urinary leakage.

Ernst, 71

Ernst suffers from incontinence on a moderate level because of a radical prostatectomy he had one year ago. He leaks when he sneezes, coughs or do sudden movements. He doesn’t always notice, so it’s essential that he wears an absorbing product.
Ernst has a very strict routine around his incontinence. Ernst keeps a diary of his leakage patterns and shares this with his Urologist. It also has a big impact on Ernst, and he has adapted his daily life to it, i.e. planning trips in advance to make sure there’s an easily accessible toilet and reserving aisle seats near the toilet if he travels by plane or train. He has also reduced his caffeine and alcohol intake. When it comes to products, Ernst is also a planner. He makes sure to keep stock at home and always brings spare products with him. He mostly uses medium pads but tries to get away with smaller pads, as they are less bulky. Ernst does struggle with products often. Mostly, he’s annoyed about the amount of space they take up in his bag when he travels or leaves the house in general. He has been trying many different products and is generally open to trying new things. Contend™ is an option that doesn’t take up much space and is easy to store and carry, and the discreet packaging ensures that Ernst can keep his incontinence a private matter.

Roger, 64

Roger’s leakages depend on the activity he’s doing, but it is constant, with predictable fluctuation. For example, it worsens when he goes out for drinks in the evening.
Roger has come to terms with his incontinence. He can talk openly about it and share experiences with his friends. He is also more than happy to try new products, and he always looks for new and better solutions for every situation. The given activity dictates his choice of product – for example, he might use a penis sheath for longer day excursions and use a pad when he’s at home or at the gym, where he can easily access a toilet or change products. He also uses clamps at times. Rogers biggest issue with his current selection of products is adhesion, both of the sheath and active bag, due to sweat. It irritates the skin, and occasional leakage happens sometimes, due to the sheath disconnecting from the bag. Contend™ is a hygienic product that ensures that the skin has minimum contact with urine and ensures no skin adhesive residue on the skin.

Is Contend™ right for me?

1. Do you experience urinary leakage every day during the day and maybe also during the night?

If you can answer ‘Yes’ to this question and the rest, then Contend is likely a solution for you.

2. Would you consider your urinary leakage to be mild or moderate?

We define mild to moderate as leakage up to 75 ml within a 3 hour period. In other terms, mild to moderate can be experienced as occasional dripping amounting to about two tablespoons of urine leakage up to about half a glass of urine leakage within a 3-hour period.

3. Do you currently use pads or other absorbent materials (e.g. toilet paper) to manage your urinary leakage?

If you can answer ‘Yes’ to this question and the rest, then Contend is likely a solution for you.

4. Do you use up to 4 pads per day or change toilet paper in your underwear 4 or more times per day?

If you can answer ‘Yes’ to this question and the rest, then Contend is likely a solution for you.

5. Are you bodily mobile and able to manage your daily life activities yourself?

If you can answer ‘Yes’ to this question and the rest, then Contend is likely a solution for you.

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Is Contendâ„¢ right for me?

Contend™ is designed for mild to moderate urinary leakage. Contend™ can absorb up to 125 ml of urine, which is the equivalent to half a cup. If you experience dripping or smaller leakages daily and are currently using pads, Contend™ could be a new product for you to try. Contend™ can be used every day or on special occasions where you want to feel extra secure. It’s entirely up to you.